Cherbourg- Last Chapter Of Dreaming.

These boys are quite clearly having a bad time of it at the minute. Four young men, desperately infused with rock and folk influences, formed a band in the summer months; destroying each others protection barriers, stripping bare one another’s souls. What has happened to folk rock?

Cherbourg’s debut EP is a strange one. Crammed with love, fear, angst and torment, the vocals of Andrew Davie carry us through reassuringly regardless of their subject meaning… Don’t expect to last long without contemplative thoughts; allow the array of emotions that sweep through faster than the snow fell these past few days.

“You kissed my neck and you left the room. Your probably had someone better to do. You probably had a million other things on your mind, only you’re on mine…” It’s a tale of a broken heart that defies love at its worst. “I will never love again, with all my heart it just falls apart every time I try…”

Remember the movie The Notebook? Noah suffered nothing when weighed alongside Cherbourg’s apparent pain and anguish. Arcade Fire and Beirut would be fair comparisons, with the success of Bon Iver the course they plan to take.

It’s fantastic if you like Folk Rock and it’s still pretty impressive if you don’t. However, it does start terribly and feel at times ever so slightly rushed mimicked by the speedy process in which it has been produced and packaged. Could Cherbourg really continue their loveless lives for an album in its entirety? Another questionable factor... Regardless, the 'Last Chapter Of Dreaming' is lovely, but only for the emotional amongst us. Heart of stone? Don’t even bother.