Reassuring Indie Rock

There’s something reassuringly inviting about Aspen Grove. Hailing from Liverpool, the young band have produced an EP that sparkles with indie nuggets harbouring a comforting blend of the known, the tried and tested indie formula that works, nestled amongst a blend of unique quirks to insure your attention is well and truly tweaked.

Sprightly bouncing by with incessant beats that demonically force feet to tap along uncontrollably, ‘Dance Alone Again’ is an EP bursting with indie rock buoyancy packed with catchy sing along choruses that will make your lungs ache. With a crush of drums that welcomes in a barrage of infectious chants, ‘Not Wasted On The Youth’ unapologetically impels all with its catchy pop underbelly that grips firmly to the pounding originality of indie rock to make for an uplifting dose of spine tingling rock. From this the Liverpuddlians proceed to pile on the contagious choruses aided by the chugging riffs of the brilliantly titled ‘Tear Dried T-Shirts’ to the shout out loud antics of ‘Today’.

Like meeting an old friend in the pub, sitting down to chat but suddenly discovering a new tipple to debate the world over, Aspen Grove bring the reassuring essence of indie rock and lace it with their own uniqueness. Don’t loose sight of these Liverpool lads; they’re definitely ones to watch.