Gently Loud

Zalinski are all about taking opposites and making them gel together, working side by side until they’ve created a sound that shouldn’t work but ends up leaping around with an arrogant smugness to flaunt at all the doubters. Launching from subtle to jet engine propelled force within a blink of an eye, Zalinski’s groove laden tracks unfold into a mind absorbing soundscape, moving from a tiny, tender introduction to a brash, in your face blast of blues laced rock to pulsate through the spine in us all.

'This Too Shall Pass’ is no exception to the rule. With a few mere guitar riffs strewn amongst a steady drum beat, it starts out life slowly and calmly, refusing to rush the vocals in until the opportune moment, just when you feel safe the track erupts, bringing an intensity to the song to ensure it is not easily forgotten, as fuzzy guitars seethe and those steady drum beats are transformed, gaining a demonic edge that crashes merrily.

Likewise, ‘Hitman’ is a slow burner with great effect, gradually providing a flow of storytelling courtesy of Zalinski’s lyrics, before jabs of anger are thrown in, building expectation slowly until it too takes off like an uncontrollable juggernaut. Meanwhile ‘Honesty Policy’ injects a nifty hook heavy chorus into the formula to stir things up brilliantly, leaving ‘Alive (Live)’ to showcase the band in their natural surroundings, undoubtedly encouraging more to check them out on the live circuit.