Easing Your Troubles

Had too much of a goodtime at the weekend and are still paying for it now? Need something to ease you back into the realm of the living? Well, Sweden’s Jeniferever could just be the answer. Formed back in 1996, the four piece offer a laid back dose of tranquillity neatly tied together by emotion quivering vocals to ensure their openly honest lyrics nestle merrily amongst everyone’s heartstrings.

Teetering on the brink of an atmospheric soundscape throughout, ‘Nangijala’ gently sways by, oozing tender calmness as singer Kristofer Jonson’s warm voice melts into the melodic tranquillity of slow paced guitars and infectious drum beats. Slow and steady is key here, nothing is rushed as the band gradually build to an almost orchestra-led climax, bringing the near 10 minute track to a breathtaking end. With crunchy guitars offering a grunge like tinge, ‘When Our Hands Clasped’ finds Jeniferever bolstering their sound, opting for a louder, brasher stance that still packs an emotional punch as the Swedish band prove they can do the rough with the smooth with equal skill before ‘Openings To Stories’ nestles between the two, bridging the gap with ease.

Unflinchingly emotional and with a vast sound that is both intoxicating and soothing, Jeniferever will certainly blow out the cobwebs as they tenderly ease away your troubles.