Tiger Force

Tiger Force



Hello, we moved from the strange isolated adjective of the countryside to Londonís suburban hell. Existing for 5 months, what have we got under our belts? WellÖ how about live stuff for Visible Noise, Drowned in Sound and Club Fandango for breakfast? We have no genre and we donít want a genre, not even as a present, because thatís what Tiger Force is about, baby! 2 musicians, one trained and one feral, incorporate both the ethos of punk and hip-hop. NO RULES. We sample beats and shout a lot. And you can all sing along. Currently tuning in to Radio Brainwaves, we are laying eggs in the studio. SKULL=NOIZENEST. Here are some more words we like- Handclaps, modernist, Non-stop tours, Bmx, Beatbox body poppers, Scribble, Panic, Animals, Origami, Guitars, Explosion. Adaptability.
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