Rikard Sundén - guitars
Joakim Brodén - vocals/keyboards
Oskar Montelius - guitars
Pär Sundstrom - bass
Daniel Mulback - drums

In 1999 Sabaton got together in Falun, Sweden. After recording a five track demo at Studio Moon Music the guys thought they were good enough to enter a musical contest that encorporated the bands in all of northern Europe. During this time they self-produced a demo entitled 'Fist For Fight' in the famous Abyss Studios and they were signed to Underground Symphony for a short period of time. The results of the contest came through, Sabaton won, becoming one of the best unsigned acts in Sweden. That led to a tour of southern Sweden encorpararing the Motala Metal Festival (also featured In Flames).

In February 2002 Sabaton headed into the Abyss Studios again, this time with Tommy Tägtgren on the album 'Metalizer' which was unfortunately never released.

Sabaton perservered though and have made a second album 'Primo Victoria'. This time they made it without the support of a label and were free to negotiate the best offer. This offer was made by Black Lodge Records and the guys signed to the metal division of this record company, Sound Pollutions. read less


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