Escaping the boring confines of 1990s Devon appeared to be best achieved through music and forming a band, or so thought Matthew Bellamy [Vocals, Guitar, Piano], Chris Wolstenholme [Bass] and Dominic Howard [Drums]. After a few limited EPs, their first album, "Showbiz" (1999) was cast aside by many, appearing to be simply a Radiohead knock-off. Ignoring this "lazy journalism", Muse then released their follow-up, "Origin of Symmetry" (2001), whilst touring, and slowly gaining a fanbase, as opposed to being hyped up by some magazine, only to vanish a few months later. All seemed quiet on the Muse-front as the middle of 2002 crept in, but Muse returned in 2003, first of all with their innovative download-only single, "Stockholm Syndrome", and then with their third album, "Absolution", which has been acclaimed by many as a masterful piece of work. Muse have slowly developed their sound from a basic rock band structure (guitar, bass and drums) to include all kinds of instruments, in particular the piano. read less


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