Brothers Lou and Pete Koller formed Sick of it All in 1984. They became part of the famous NYC hardcore scene. The original line up of Pete, Lou, Rich Cipriano and Arman Majidi played CBGB's and other famous clubs, building up a name for themselves before releasing 'Blood, Sweat and No Tears', and album where 17 out of the 19 tracks are under two minutes. A national tour followed but Madiji left the band (but rejoined later in Sick Of It All's career). Max Capshaw joined for a short stint. In 1992 Cipriano left for good prior to a international tour of Japan and Europe so Craig Setan joined. They released 'Just Look Around' but then decided to leave Relativity and sign to East West. This was one of their most controversial decisions and it lost them a lot of fans as they were seen to be selling out by signing to a major label. But the release of 'Scratch the Surface' showed Sick Of It All were still a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately the band have never been able to sever their links with violence. Many a fight has broken out at their gigs and in the early '90s a kid in Massachusettes shot and killed several class mates wearing a Sick Of It All t-shirt. But at the end of the day Sick Of It All claim they aren't really bothered about their image just concentrate on making fast, energetic music. read less


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