Corey Taylor #8 - vocals
Mick Thompson #7 - guitar
DJ Sid Wilson #0 - turntables
Shawn 'Clown' Crahan #6 - custom percussion
Paul Grey #2 - bass
Joey Jordison #1 - drums
Chris Fehn #3 - custom percussion
James Root #4 - guitar
Craig Jones #5 - samples/media

Des-Moines, Iowa was not a well known town in America until Slipknot hit the metal scene in 1995. Masked up to disguise their identities the boys took on alter egos and worked hard to deliver intriguing live performances. They blend heavy metal with riffs of rap and hip hop. Formed by Paul and Shawn along with ex-singer Anders Colsefni, 9 member strong Slipknot soon got noticed and headlined the Jagermeister Tour in support of Metallica. Their debut album was released in 1996 'Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat' and signed to Roadrunner Records in 1997. They have a huge following of dedicated fans who they've named 'maggots'. Over time their masks have changed reflecting the change in the bands' personalities. During 2001 the band took time out to form their own label Maggot Recordings, signing Down The Sun and to work on some side projects. Dj Sid went under the name DJ Starscream. Root and Thompson have done some solo material. Jordison has worked on the band The Rejects and Taylor has started a project Super Ego. read less


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