Classic Rock!

There is no denying a good songwriter when you hear one, and here we have one in Steve Murray. His timeless voice has that Rhythm & Blues touch that can lend itself to Blues, Country, Rock and a whole host of genres that never grow old. It’s also interesting that his vocals are also similar to those of both Guns N’ Roses Rhythm guitarists, Izzy Stradlin, and then later on Gilby Clarke in their solo albums, indeed the former's style in his songs that were recorded by G N’R aren’t a million miles away from opener, ‘So James Dean’. The stripped back Blues’n’Roll is an instant foot tapper that you can nurse a budwiser (or any other popular beer) too. With a honky-tonk piano, sweet harmonies, and a guitar that the riffs out like a harmonica, it is a pure musical pleasure to listen to.

‘You’re So Funny’ is a nod towards Alt. Country, in a slow head nodder. You can’t help but think of The Stones in their stripped down guise, and arguably, Mr Murray has a voice that lends itself better to this sort of style and tempo. Things then go more Country, in ‘American Girls’, without it sounding like something that you might be embarrassed about liking! The harmonies drip like the drops of condensation down a tall glass of a cold beer, and the rhythms are strong and true.

Last song and EP title track, ‘Twisting The Hand Of Fate’ closes out the EP with another slow song. It’s another heart-felt track sounding like Izzy Stradlin, comprising of vocals and guitar. This is a taste of what is to come from Steve’s album, ‘Beneath The Wall Of Sound, and I have to say that it’s mouth-wateringly great.