Hollywood licked

The egoistical gal of some Hollywood stars never fail to surprise me; however that said sometimes we find a diamond in the smelly proverbial. Gawky and kooky actress Juliette Lewis is a fine example of the latter and steps up to the microphone and nails each screaming word with a passion that will make you stand back and perform an eyebrow raise of surprise.

First song, leading single and title track 'You're Speaking My Language' stomps out with all of the grit of a raw garage rock song. Lewis's vocals sound like Brody from The Distillers after speech therapy and a tee-total diet, whilst showing a comfort in front of the mike as she would a camera. Well, the whole world is a stage, my friends.

'Money in My Pocket' has a slight Pixies flavour to it, as does 'Seventh Sign', whilst 'American Boy Vol. 2' has an addictive bass line and strong vocals that sound a like Perry Farrell on a blues trip.

Amongst the fast ballsy numbers we have 'This I Know' which is part folksy, with a dash of Canadian's man-hater Alanis Morrisette. Although you could not stretch as far as to say that Ms Lewis has a great voice, she does however possess the ability to sing in many different styles - and all well. 'By The Heat Of Your Light' might've been lifted straight from Joss Stone's album and makes you wonder why they need to bother with these slow beautiful songs, when the louder, and in your face anthems are done so much better.

'Prey for the Band Latoya' has the guitar riff from Good Charlotte's protégées Lola Ray's great song 'Plague'. 'So Amazing' is exactly that, mixing up fast Motorhead songs with a gravely female voice. Fantastic.

Last song 'Long Road Out Of Here' is a piano driven ballad. Simple and pretty, though bluesy and bold, it ends out the album well that is of course until the repeat function kicks in.

Reports suggest that Juliette & The Licks are a great live band and it's easy to see that if they bring forth live the gusto and passion of their 'Like A Bolt Of Lightening' EP, or indeed this kaleidoscope of musical influences that is 'You're Speaking My Language', then Juliette & The Licks will get the success that their abilities warrant. Burn Hollywood burn...