A Little Less For Little Me

Traditional reggae is an awesomely innovative, evocative, politically-charged and timeless genre. As a rule, white reggae isn't. The best of the more popular groups to incorporate reggae into their sound e.g. The Clash and Madness, (UB40 are excluded as reggae and dub IS their sound) had an endearing respect and deep understanding for the genre. The same cannot be said of The Hives.

Presumably the inclusion of the sensuous Hammond organ and stinging guitar strums is an attempt to cash in on the current resurgence of pop-punk-reggae e.g. Dead 60's and Hard-Fi and it sounds bloody awful. So bad in fact, that I'm not even going to bother to launch into a more in-depth or extensive review than that.

If I had my way and didn't have a minimum word quota to fill, I'd have written a two word review (as obviously the best review in the world is that of "Shark Sandwich" by Spinal Tap) but being a conscientious fool with an embarrassingly high-minded set of scruples, I had to come up with the uninspiring and to be honest, badly written rubbish above, just so I could conclude with the aforementioned minimalist appraisal that this single deserves: complete rubbish.

The Hives' time (if they ever had one) has come and gone and they should have the decency to appreciate that fact and retire. I'm sure they're not short of enough cash to keep them in skinny white ties for a couple of decades.