The Marmite of music

The Rasmus are the divide of the world. People either love them or hate them. ‘In The Shadows’ either had you dancing or crying. No matter how - you know the song. Unfortunately I don’t think this latest offering ‘First Day Of My Life’ will fare as well as its predecessors.

Before listening to it, you immediately have your preconceptions and expectations of the song, and I really would like to say it breaks these confines and produces something totally unexpected. Familiar sounding, almost electronic guitars reverberate out of the speakers as lead singer Lauri’s all too well known voice glides over the base of traditional Scandinavian pop-rock. Though the intro sounds promising, the instrumental quickly recedes to allow the vocals to dominate. The chorus picks up once again to recover, and the band clearly have their individual style but is all too household by now to really make a true impact.

They may not be the most popular band but I know The Rasmus can accomplish a much more substantial single than this. It all seems too basic and watered down. At a time when the band should be bouncing back from their Reading mishap and showing the public what they are really made of, I feel this track just doesn’t display them as the obviously dedicated and serious band that they are.