Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

With a blend of blues laced riffs in the driving seat, Irish three piece The Marshals tenderly inject advantageously placed bitter sweet harmonies that guarantee 'Make Her Cry' is a foot tapping sing along number that really shouldn't instil the chirpiness that it does. Lyrically down beat, 'Make Her Cry' manages to discards any sign of negativity as its chorus builds to a Californian harmony sprinkled haven before the verses regain 'Make Her Cry's rock blues edge.

The Marshals continue their blues rock theme with 'One More', a song that is all about a killer bass line that conveys a gritty sinister feel. Add some raw vocals that are dripping in attitude and 'One More' instantly becomes a dirty rock song in tune with Kasabian. 'El Sueno' on the other hand requires perseverance. If you resist the urge to switch off when a mix of whiny vocals first start to escape from your speakers then 'El Sueno' does hold a certain charm, although not enough of one to place it alongside the other two contenders.