People like people like them!

Swedish Rock'N'Roll sleaze sensations Backyard Babies make no apologies with their honest-to-God rock. Where other bands spend time trying to be all that is metal, and trying to tick the boxes of being fashionable and cool, Backyard Babies live the lifestyles and stick two fingers up to whatever stupid look or sound happens to be en vogue at the moment.

Back in 1994 Backyard Babies released 'Diesel And Power' which could potentially have shot them to fame and fortune. However whilst there were whispers and rumours of them being the Swedish answer to the much-troubled phenomenon Guns'N'Roses, sleazy rock was going the way of the dodo as Seattle took over from Hollywood's Sunset Strip's monopoly of music, with its depressive, self-loathing musical fad called 'grunge'.

As we know, everything comes full circle eventually and musical tastes are no different. The upbeat, party anthems with definitive rock'n'roll roots were always going to be around, and Backyard Babies follow-up album in 1998, 'Total 13' was met with a whole new generation of rockers. However it was 1991's anthem-filled 'Making Enemies Is Good' that cemented them into the hearts of many as purveyors of rock integrity. Then 2003's more raw and sleazy 'Stockholm Syndrome' spawned more great anthems as well as a gruelling touring schedule around the globe.

So here we have, following in the footsteps of their compilation album 6 months back, their new offering, 'People Like People Like People Like Us'. The title song is just the way Backyard Babies like to open their albums; a short-sharp jab of sleaze-dripping rock to grab your attention and shake you awake with a foot-stamping beat and a tune that will instantly get into your head and refuse to leave!

The second song 'Cockblocker Blues' does sound a little dated as if it should be from around 1990 when bands had ditched their make up and were mixing styles of lumberjack shirts and ripped jeans. It's slightly shuck'n'jive blues driven rock, but you can't help but like it. 'Dysfunctional Professional' could've come straight from 'Making Enemies Is Good' which has a slightly more polished feel about the production than its follow up.

Nicke Borg's whisky soaked and slightly gravely vocals add to the raw edge of 'We Go A Long Way Back', another foot tapping slice of heaven, as is the anthem-esque 'Blitzkrieg Loveshock'. Between these we have the slow 'Roads' which is about as close to a ballad as these guys get and sounds a little like a nod towards their debut album. 'The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)' sounds like fellow sleaze-Swedes Hardcore Superstar with a hint of 70's glam to the straight up AC/DC rock. Great stuff!

As soon as you hear the first tap of a cowbell in 'I Got Spades' you know that you are on to a winner! Every Backyard Babies album has an instant anthem: 'Diesel & Power' had 'Kickin' Up Dust', 'Total 13' had 'Look At You', Making Enemies...' had 'Heaven 2.9' and Stockholm... had the brilliant 'Friends'.

'Heroes and Heroines' and 'You Cannot Win' rock on whilst we have the line of '...there was a time when I was young and blind// could not see from my one track mind' in last song 'Things To Do Before We Die'.

'People Like...' could well sit perfectly between 'Making Enemies...' and 'Stockholm Syndrome' in its production, however the songs are a little more mature but the sound is definitely Backyard Babies. Think of skulls, tattoos, stars and sleaze and you have it all here in their dirty rock'n'roll. This may never hit the top of the charts, but for lovers of this music, well we don't give a fuck. It may be rock'n'roll, but I like it!!