Absolutely Amazing

Hankies at the ready for this one. Liam Frost's vivid storytelling lyrics bring to life a moving and tearful tale of death and loss in 'The Mourners of St. Paul's' backed by the delightful simplicity of an acoustic guitar and a mournful violin. Frost is able to encapsulate every emotion felt through loss from sorrow to anger and even taking in the celebration of life as drums kick in and the tempo of the song lifts to a climactic finale in the same vein as Arcade Fire, even including their characteristic choir-like backing chants. This is a song that will have you blubbering like a baby one minute and smiling like a fool the next as Frost's poetically tender lyrics can not fail but to touch you. 'The Mourners of St. Paul's' is a gem that should be heard by all.

Although failing to reach the grandeur and splendour of 'The Mourners of St. Paul's', b-sides 'Into Your Arms' and 'A Fever and a Shifting' work to shed further light on Frost's capabilities as a singer songwriter. As is to be expected, both tracks are passion fuelled acoustic led tales of life and love that expose the raw talent of Frost. However, nothing comes close to 'The Mourners of St. Paul's'; it is quite simply the blueprint that other singer songwriters should refer to. Absolutely amazing.