Genre Mismatch That's To Be Obeyed

Bossy Canadians with a thing for exclamations marks, You Say Party! We Say Die! take a bit of punk, throw in a chunk of rock, blend in some synth laced melodies and end up churning out a dance tune that personifies their namesake.

It's hard to comprehend how a track that starts so peacefully with a single key being repeating struck, could turn into such a riotous monster so suddenly. But then when you factor in Becky Ninkovic's vocals into the equation and add a band that openly profess We Say Die! everything seems oh so clear. With yelping Jemina Pearl-esque vocals that give the impression of being stuck on repeat, Becky Ninkovic seems content to drill home her message in a shrilling yappy fashion before the rest of the band join in to ensure that the second part of their name actually materialises. With a tranquil piano playing subtly in the background cloaked by YSP! WSD!'s riotous call to arms, 'The Gap (Between The Rich And The Poor)' boasts lines such as "We're going to take you down in numbers, one by one" as the band vocally culminate in a smouldering gang chant that both scares and excites.

'The Gap (Between The Rich and The Poor)' brilliantly merges punk rock with dance, with layers of genres crossing over one another perfectly to ensure that YSP! WSD! are a band unlike any other and proves that Becky Ninkovic is one front woman whose every command you'd obey with a curt salute. You Say Party! We Say Die! and frankly you'd be a fool to disobey Canada's latest export.