Their career in one small box

Feeder formed in 1994 in South Wales, and once they had changed their name from Reel, released a mini album 'Swim' two years later. This early work formed the backbone of the band's full-length debut, 1997's 'Polythene'. This was the album which gave us the massive fan favourite 'High', a regular in the set list through out their career.

This twenty track compilation documents Feeder's work since 1997, featuring tracks from five albums as well as three new songs, 'Lost and Found', 'Burn the Bridges' and new single 'Save Us'.

It opens with 'Come Back Around', a track which for Feeder fans will always be remembered as the single the band returned with after the tragic death of drummer Jon Lee.

Next comes the band's biggest commercial success in the singles chart 'Buck Rogers', which reached number five in January 2001.

Most bands have a connection of sorts with their fans, or else they wouldn't be successful, however the relationship between band and fan in the case of Feeder seems that bit more special. The third track is a case in point, released as part of a double A-side with 'Tender', 'Shatter' was one which the fans demanded and is for me up there as one of Feeder's finest to date.

I'm having to think very hard to find somebody I know who doesn't like Feeder. Maybe it's because my friends aren't allowed to not like them, but more likely a testimony to the variety which the band have in their locker. In 2005 they played what was viewed by some as a potentially tricky headline slot at Download, but as the R13 review here proves, they passed the test in the rock and metal bear pit with flying colours. Equally their softer side can see them enter into places which most who'd grace the stage at Donington wouldn't get near. 'Just The Way I'm Feeling' is the next on this album and is the first taste of that softer side.

It's rare to find a singles collection that's tracklist is in release date order, and this one doesn't buck the trend. It does however mix and match the heavier and softer sides of the band's work well, demonstrating the strength in depth that Feeder have in the same way seeing them play live would.

Among the frenetic, high energy offerings are 'Seven Days In The Sun' from 'Echopark', 'Insomnia' from 'Yesterday Went Too Soon' and the one off single that has become the show stopping anthem for many a live performance 'Just A Day'.

Those who like Feeder at their more mellow will prefer tracks such as 'Tumble and Fall' and 'Tender' from 'Pushing the Senses' and 'Forget About Tomorrow' from 'Comfort in Sounds'.

Hits albums are always a good way to introduce yourself to a band who you might not be so familiar with, Feeder however have so many hits that when you listen to this CD, rather than discovering songs you weren't aware of, it's more a case of reminding yourself of how prolific they've been. Even if you own some of Feeder's albums, this is a great CD to have in your collection as virtually every track is a classic in its own right.

Whenever these kind of albums get issued, the question always comes up regarding the long-term future of the artist involved. Feeder have one more album to release via their current record deal with Echo, so this hits collection is far from being the beginning of the end. The band have a provisional release date of January 2007 for their sixth studio record, and have no plans to call it quits after that.