Clever Title + Catchy Tune = FOB

Continuing on their campaign to bring emo into the mainstream, Fall Out Boy return with their latest tale of social ineptness and heartache in the form of 'A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me'. On top of this though FOB seem to have gone all Disney/Pixar on us providing a wittingly titled song for those not sporting the angular haircuts and who are over 20 who can actually make the connection between the quip about Molly Ringwald in the movie 'Sixteen Candles' and Sam Fox's riskily titled 80s hit, 'Touch Me' whilst delivering the lyrics to teenage heartbreak and angst. It's like a cartoon gag that only the adults get, proving you get something for everyone from the Chicago band that seem to be taking over the planet.

'A Little Less Sixteen Candles...' comes with all the signature FOB characteristics. Patrick Stump's vocals powerfully project Pete Wentz's angst drenched lyrics whilst a catchy melody and hook mean that you can't avoid but to sing along. If you managed to resist the pull of 'Sugar, We're Goin Down' and 'Dance, Dance', songs that have seemed to dominate music TV and the airwaves since last year, then FOB's latest release isn't going to do anything for you as it fails to provide any new allure But for those that like their emo with a dose of catchy pop, FOB have once again delivered, this time bringing it nicely wrapped with a witty title.