A Riotous Voyage Full Of Sass, Swagger and Zest

Strutting around like a young Mick Jagger and brandishing glam-rock guitar riffs that would have made T-Rex beg for mercy, 'Dolls' sees Primal Scream continue to offer the type of rock and roll that snarls and sneers at you whilst invitingly demanding you boogie along like you haven't a care in the world.

The second single to be taken from their top ten album, 'Riot City Blues', 'Dolls' immediately sets off on a riotous voyage that delves deep into the heart of classic American rock n roll. From handclaps to a chorus jam packed with "la, la's" to sheer honky-tonk swagger, 'Dolls' brings every known rock n roll cliché to the table and then chucks in some Scream gusto and attitude just for the hell of it. The end result; an alluring bombardment of energy, confidence, zest and plain old fashioned fun that culminates in the almost gospel rejoice of "Sweet, sweet rock n roll". Only Primal Scream could get away with such a cheesy line and so when Bobby Gillespie goes on to sing "Let's have a good time", who are we to refuse?