Can You Resist?

Layered vocals, urgent yodels, crunchy guitars, electrifying bass line and thunderous drums, yes The Futureheads are back, delivering their own very distinctive parcel of indie complete with a pop like gift tag.

'Worry About It Later' brandishes every classic Futureheads detail that has come to be expected; harmonised vocals soar and dip, propelling the song along whilst overlapping and almost competing with one another until they collide for a rousing chorus; signature elements for any Futureheads track but 'Worry About It Later' offers more than just this. The next single to be taken from their second album, 'Worry About It Later' shows how far the Futureheads have come, how their music is growing and progressing and just how ahead of everyone else they are. The Futureheads offer a uniqueness that many of their contemporaries can only dream of, providing indie rock with splashes of pop mixed in and a hint of a DIY philosophy twinkling beneath the surface. As the gang from Sunderland chant, "we couldn't resist", and quite frankly how can the rest of us?