One For The Faithful Followers

Manchester trio The Longcut follow up their debut album 'A Call And Response' with a double header release. Not only are they letting a single loose on the music public but they are simultaneously flaunting an exclusive download only EP, 'Airtight Sessions', that comes equipped with four tracks including 'Idiot Check' and 'Vitamin C'.

Sounding like a term coined by medical practioners, 'Idiot Check' opens proceedings with a blend of frantic electronica and gloom cladded lyrics that weave amongst chugging guitar riffs and repetitively clashing cymbals which climax into a smouldering heap of stomping beats and pulsating rock riffs.

Distorted off tilter vocals miraculously blend with cathartic beats and laid back guitar chords on 'Vitamin C' as The Longcut generate the type of electronically doused soundscape they are more renowned for, creating a melancholic soundscape that brazenly brandished a post apocalyptic optimism. Likewise 'The Kiss Off' boasts a sound more commonly associated with bands larger then a mere trio. Offering a docile, mind altering voyage into a world eclipsed with electronic beats, sliding guitar riffs and sporadically wailing vocals, 'The Kiss Off' is certainly not for the faint hearted. Indeed, The Longcut are not your average band. Too rock for the dance scene and too electronic to find them headlining the main stage at Reading, The Longcut are an acquired taste, one that may not suit all but who certainly provide a little something other bands can not put their finger on. One for the already faithful followers.