Welcome To Dance, The Canadian Way

Continuing on their mission to use as many exclamation marks as humanly possible, Canadians You Say Party! We Say Die! return with their latest single 'You Did It!' which follows the same squawk rock formula laid down in debut single 'The Gap' as lead singer Becky Ninkovic shrieks and shrills enthusiastically throughout. But whereas 'The Gap' gave us animalistic primal beats and yelps, 'You Did It!' instead takes a little bit of everything that somehow manages to converge and blend into one coherent track.

Stabbing vocals intertwine teasingly with electro beats begging for a dance floor whilst a drum beat in search of a rock band pounds menacingly in the background. That's without taking into account the girl band like harmonizing of "you did" and a little detour into the strange world of a goth dance floor halfway through with vocals that conjure images of The Horrors mingling with The Pipettes. Yes, the Canadian five piece are firm believers in throwing everything and then some into the mix, hitting the on switch and patiently standing back to see what comes out. Funnily enough it works and all they leave the rest of us to do is grab the glo sticks, smear on the fluorescent eye shadow with the now essential kohl eyeliner and head to the nearest new rave haunt to dance our feet to death. Welcome to dance the Canadian way.