Heigh-Ho Silver, Away

Personally, I always thought that was a bit more to the relationship between the Lone Ranger and Tonto. I mean come on, between them they could have made up two fifths of The Village People and on top of that, one of them liked to wear a mask and dress up. And you wonder why Silver the horse always looked worried. Perhaps Charlie Dore came to the same conclusion, after all September will see the release of 'Looking For My Own Lone Ranger', taken from her current album 'Cuckoo Hill'.

Armed with a voice that coos bittersweet intimacy and moves seamlessly from folk to country, with sparkles of jazz and soul tentatively trickling in between, Dore elegantly enthrals, offering a closeness and openness as her lyrics encase you in her private thoughts, embracing you into her confidence. Simplicity abounds throughout the track, adding a touch of innocence and naivety to Dore's words of wisdom and hope, allowing her to appeal to those who crave a Sandi Thom artist with a touch of substance. If nothing else Dore will put a smile on Tonto's face as she yells "Heigh- Ho Silver,away" and goes in search of her own Lone Ranger, leaving the original safely with his Indian companion.