Cheery Cheeky Social Commentators

No falseness, no trying to be what they're not, Popup sing about what they know, about where they're from right down to singing in their thick Scottish brogue, adding an air of authenticity to the group who welcome pop to their hearts whilst colloquially commentating on modern life.

'Lucy, What You Trying To Say?' is the "everyman's" tale set to a universal tongue of slang and chatty phrases that take you into their confidence simply for the recognisable anecdotes and expressions the band swill around. Chuck in a pop-fuelled chorus of vocal harmonies that soar with a sun-kissed edge and Popup have effortlessly put an upbeat, chipper sheen on the grey numbness of the everyday slog. They sing about things people up and down the country can relate to and what's more they do it all with a cheeky grin on their face. Let's hope it stays there as for all their organic originality there is sadly a good chance they could get lost and trampled in the crush of like minded bands who just may nuzzle the Scot four piece aside.

Cheery, cheeky social commentators, Popup are what the Artic Monkeys would have been had they discovered pop instead of rock with a dash of The Rakes floating around for the fun of it.