Blessed With A Certain Charm

Although originally earmarked as a single release, 'Diamonds In The Dark' has seen its status increased and is now making its outing as an EP from Eel Pie Island's eccentric residents, The Mystery Jets.

'Diamonds In The Dark' is a love story, The Mystery Jets way. Sure it may be the usual bog standard tale of love lost but this is The Mystery Jets and anything normal or ordinary is soon thrown out the window. Instead we get a bell that rings, a shrieking yelp of "diamonds in the dark" creeping out from the background before all band members culminate in a chant of "back again" to fully drive the song home. Being a lovelorn teenager may not be the happiest time of your life but bung on 'Diamonds In The Dark' and suddenly the world seems a better, if somewhat strange, place. But that's not all The Jets are tempting us with, oh no the Eel Pie Islanders take the chance to harpoon us with everything at their disposal on 'Scarecrows In The Rain', a mishmash of what sounds like every instrument competing with one another whilst lead singer Blaine poignantly sings lines like "I like to ride my bike but I have trouble with my breathing". Done by any other band 'Scarecrows In The Rain' would be a death knell of just incomprehensible noise but somehow The Mystery Jets pull it off.

In true Mystery Jets style, 'Crosswords' sees the band doing the unexpected, opening the track with an arrangement of instruments other artists would be hard pressed to name let alone play before Blaine's vocals come to play. Mystery Jets are not a band that are able to gain universal praise, whilst their unconventional musical approach appeals to some, to others it is a complete turn off. That said, there is still a certain charm hidden amongst each track as it effortlessly manages to make you grin, even if they are singing of heartache.