The Boys Are Back In Town

It's all boys together and out for fun on the latest Dirty Pretty Things release as Carl Barat and his gang cloak themselves firmly in a Union Jack and swagger around the streets of London as if they are the last gang left standing.

A clash of drums, ambling guitars and some cleverly placed handclaps are all that are needed to kick start 'Wondering' as Barat sets off with in an almost dialogue riddled strut of deep pondering that is masked behind Dirty Pretty Things melodic meanderings. Taken on face value, 'Wondering' is a chirpy tune set to a gang like mentality of all boys together but scratch the surface and it's clear to see that this more to this particular posse and it is hard not to miss the poignancy surrounding Barat's humbling realisation that "there's no more need to question life or cry for what I'm owed". Add to this lyrics telling of how "the English sun is setting and the rude boys on the run" and instantly DPT's have brought the capital to your own stereo. It can only be a matter of days before indie kids everywhere are donning a Union Jack belt and swaggering arm in arm down the street as they sing 'Wondering' and watch the sun go down. The boys are most certainly back.