Destined To Have A Few Music Insiders Squirming With Embarrassment

Is it Christmas already? Little Man Tate's latest single release has a title that comes nicely wrapped and begging for a sarcastic comment from music journalists the country wide. 'Man I Hate Your Band' happily does not have a bearing on Little Man Tate's situation. Instead it is a gritty, raw instalment of rock that tells of the trials and tribulations of being in a band, from shows to dealings with members of the music industry. It's all very catchy, brimming with witty comments and everyday lyrics that will find a place in the hearts and minds of kids sat in their bedrooms dreaming of forming the greatest rock band. Throw in some chugging guitar riffs, infectious beats and a melody fuelled by vocal harmonies that will drill their way into your brain and take up residence for the next three weeks at least.

'Man I Hate Your Band' sums up the music world perfectly; a fact a few industry members may squirm over. From stories of cheap girls with "brand new tops and bottoms, no knickers underneath" that never get onto the guest list to dreams of stopping to "see the queen, you know we'll have a knighthood by the time we're 23", Little Man Tate give a cheekily true account of the world they now inhabit. Amusing, infectious and sure to cause a few red faces amongst the industry figures, 'Man I Hate Your Band' is a welcome slice of tongue in cheek fun.