Debauched Goodness

On the surface Dear Superstar seem to have one aim; to be the most debauched rock band on the circuit, conforming to every immoral rock star cliché and stereotype. It's a formula that has been tried and tested more times than Pete Doherty has been arrested and if this was all the band had to offer than it would be easy to ridicule and dismiss Dear Superstar as another wannabe rock band, dreaming more about groupies and drink than actually offering a decent track. Thankfully Dear Superstar for all initial preconceptions have a little more substance. With songs that offer full force balls out rock akin to Motley Crue married to a furious energy that drags you into their world, Dear Superstar are much more than the facade they are trying to live up to.

Initially sounding exactly like the persona Dear Superstar are trying to capture, 'Diseased And Distracted' is a debauched tale that offers little to get you excited, until that is the British band unleash vocals akin to Avenged Sevenfold, blending them brilliantly with their Buckcherry-esque over the top rock making you realise that there is actually some substance to this band. 'LiveLoveLie' literally pins you to the wall as drums and guitars combine to unleash a barrage of exhilarating rock as Micky Satiar's vocals squeal and growl at all the right times, melding with the rest of the band for a full shout along chorus that is sure to be a live sing along favourite. Showing that Dear Superstar have the guts, stamina and sheer exhilaration and energy to pummel their song into your heart, 'LiveLoveLie' paves the way perfectly for the barrage of frenzied riffs and chants that overwhelm you on 'Signposts And Bedposts'. Frantically oozing with a raw energy that washes over you like a tidal wave, Dear Superstar may aspire to the quintessential rock star life but in reality they are so much more. Like Motley Crue challenging Avenged Sevenfold to a drinking contest, Dear Superstar are debauched goodness with the musical talent to outstrip even the most hardened rocker.