The Dears- You and i are a gang of losers.

The Dears return with another single from their acclaimed album "Gang of losers", released last year, hoping to refresh memories only months before they return to the U.K.

"You and I are a gang of losers", released the 21st May, follows the same Dears principals. Learning about being dissimilar and fighting the struggle of characteristic clashes. Unfortunately at times, the single fails to tear away from the repetition of lyrical solitude, with Murray Lightburn's apparent obsession with the need to fit in evident throughout each track.

The single lacks real substance and takes a sufficient amount of listens before the tune sticks in your head. It's a typical Dears release, which you would be a fool to classify as a bad thing, yet is it too much a case of déjà vu?

The second track "Howlin" is a dark lyrical war with conventional living and is a good track, but so similar to the one prior to, that eventually where the track ends and the next begins is not as clear as you would hope. Pleasant and typical, yet not the outstanding releases one has grown to expect. The fine line between uplifting and depressing is one that the Dears try frantically never to cross, yet this time perhaps they have edged unintentionally to the dark side.