Full Of Spirit And Fun

It's a sad fact in the indie rock world that to gain critical acclaim and to avoid the pit fall of being a mere guilty pleasure, bands tend to have to follow the shoe gazing regime, crafting tales of woe and sorrow that overflow with sadness, forsaking any resemblance of happiness and cutting a playful beat down in its prime. With such a blueprint to follow it comes as something of a shock when bands try to buck the trend and when one actually does so with success it's nothing short of a miracle. With this in mind Ghosts have bounded onto the indie scene like a breath of optimistically chirpier fresh air. Jolly beats melded to a pop mentality merge with choruses of anthem quality guarantee that this is a band to embrace over the summer months but can they be more than a summer fling or will they be consigned to the quality pleasures box?

Bulging with chirpy beats and jovial vocals, Ghosts are on a mission to bring some fun back to the indie scene. Unleashing a punch for punch assault of feel good tracks to bring some sunshine into the drab excuse of a summer, Ghosts plough headfirst into their debut album with 'Stay The Night', bursting with slice of lovely harmonies and uncompromised goodness that weave around an irresistible hook. It's the type of song to hug you uncontrollably until you are brimming from ear to ear in a huge grin. And that is the basis of the whole album. 'The World Outside' catches the group entwined in an unapologetically whirlwind of pop, full of sugar coated choruses and melodies that soaringly charm their way into your heart. Having sprinkled some joy into the world, Ghosts go on to invoke stadium sized sing along with 'Ghosts', a track that holds a menacing beat that erupts into a fabulously catchy number. Indeed, the four piece have plucked the best parts of Coldplay, The Coral and The Feeling and moulded them into one making for infectiously catchy melodious and beats backed with feel good factor to boot but lurking ever so slightly underneath is an openness and honesty that creates an intimate bond between the band and listener. Indeed, happiness is not the only currency Ghosts deal in. 'Something Hilarious' finds the quartet somewhat mournful as a jazzy undercurrent runs beneath the honestly passionate lyrics as the track builds to a beautiful climax. The feel good factor may be their main pull but Ghosts make sure that there is enough to keep you listening to the very end.

Whilst it may not be cutting edge indie and some will mock and scorn it for its lack of intensity, 'The World Is Outside' has something many indie bands lack; a sense of optimism and sheer exuberance that makes you want to listen again and again for the simply fact that it is fun and what's not to like about that?