Shhoting Sunshine Out Of Your Speakers

Breezing back onto the scene like The Long Blondes escorting Blondie across the road, The Trudy are here to bring some much needed sunshine into the drab bleak summer. Having been churning out cheerful indie drenched tunes on and off since 1988, The Trudy have stayed true to their indie roots, remaining a firm favourite amongst their fans but never penetrating onto the mainstream, something which strangely has served them well and permitted then to concoct '3 Minutes 4 U', a cocktail of pure uncompromised indie cheer that all but shoots a ray of sunshine out of your speakers.

Bursting with feel good cheer and bulging with beats to have you dancing giddily around the room, '3 Minutes 4 U' is what the name indie really stands for. Fun, playful and raging with enthusiasm, this is the track to guarantee your day starts with a spring in your step. Just sit back and let the fun begin. One request though, next time can we try to avoid being hip with all the text talk?