Good Shoes- Morden

'Morden' due for release on the 11th June, is a classic Good Shoes release- defining their lyrical brilliance and understanding of modern society. Similarities arise almost immediately to Kaiser Chiefs infamous tune 'I predict a Riot'; Good Shoes show an awesome perception of every day life for those growing up within suburban central.

Describing the struggles of inner city atmosphere and the claustrophobia of contemporary culture is a common theme in the music industry of late, as simple, effortless lyrical wit made Alex Turner the music God by which he is named. Rhys Jones pursues this trend, emphasizing what's wrong with the world of late, sending a worrying message out to the modernization of society and the morals we now follow.

Unfortunately for Good Shoes, they are another stereotypical indie band; that promote themselves on being unique but in fact appear very similar to the band prior to them that I found myself reviewing. This isn't to say I don't like the band- nor is it a bad reflection on the new single, far from it in fact, yet it's difficult to distinguish between these guys and say; Milburn, The Dead 60's, The Pigeon Detectives, The Holloways etc etc. This almost sounds like criticism which isn't fair as ultimately, Good Shoes are a good band. The fact is, it's just tricky to fall in love with all of them- my bank balance wouldn't allow my CD collection to expand to such an extent, nor would my gig ticket notice board.

I appreciate that this is a good single, it's catchy and no doubt has the crowd screaming back at the band throughout the three minutes it fills, but it isn't as good as 'I predict a riot', nor do I think it matches up to the lyrical genius of many Arctic Monkey classics and the up and coming female wonder Kate Nash in her second single 'Foundations'. Attempting lyrically the pressures of society is a common find these days, yet the masters of it are still about- Good Shoes don't quite make the cut for me.