Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.

If big-breast loving film making Russ Meyer was still alive and putting a band together then this would be pretty much what he would be thinking about! London's, Tits Of Death are an all female outfit singing songs that are a cross between The Donnas, The Runaways, with a touch of Joan Jett and Peaches. The band members include Marni Maelstrom, Debra Damage, Kitty Darling, Synthia DeBris and Titania Tornado, so there is a tongue-in-cheek value to this 70's glam rock band that also has touches of 50's b-movies about them in the same way Russ Meyer's film did.

The single here is 'Iron Nipples' and really there is something a little strange, and dare I say, arousing about a woman singing, "My iron nipples are so hard!// My iron nipples are so hard!" and the verse lines of, "These iron nipples are brutal and tough // once you try one, well you can't get enough!" Yes, it's silly throwaway lyrics in the same vein as Spinal Tap, but then there are way too many bands taking themselves too seriously.

B-side, 'Diva Breakdown' is a fast and furious glam punk rock number, with Marni's screaming vocals as the rest of the band join in with singing back, "Diva breakdown!" The lyrics are just as silly as the first song with, "I'll hit you with a brick // you're such a fuckin' dick!" It's honest fun though, and well worth a listen.

The band also supplied a rather nice fanzine packed full of quizzes and puzzles about the band, rock music and of course breasts. Very informative. And if you really want to annoy someone then send them over to the bands website at www.titsofdeath.com, You come face to face with Jesus, who appears to have a rather modest pair of breasts, and above his head is the legend, "In tit's we trust". Nice. By clicking on Jesus you will now be able to enter the site!

It's silly, shocking and possibly full of female exploitation, but bugger me it's good fun! Turn your back on those winging emo-kids, women singing about breasts is the way forward!