Gimme a white trash girl!

Florida's hard rocking Dirty DNA storm out with their debut album, 'Skeleton Sex Scandal', which is packed full of big chunky turbo-charged rock music the way it should be. It's the musical equivalent to the American muscle cars of the 1970's, big, loud, liquid guzzling, full throttled and full of a lethal mix of adrenaline and testosterone. Taking elements of the party rock from the late 1980's, early 1990's and injecting it with gruff whisky soaked vocals, exploding with rock'n'roll attitude and giving a contempory make over, Dirty DNA, who are made up of five guys that look like WWF wrestlers, fill that void with something a little bit fucking special!

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing this album-in-progress as an 8-track EP, so check out the link to it here as all of these songs are on here: Review of Dirty DNA EP

'World Destruction' is a great opener and comes across a little like US Bombs, with lead singer Frank 'Crime' Cassara sounding a little like Duane Peters. 'Lot Lizard' is catchy little sucker of a song mixing good time rock'n'roll with sleazy lyrics, a little like Poison if they grew up in The Bronx. 'Isolation' rips through the speakers with no apologies, whilst there is the heavy chugging guitar riffs of the great 'American Sex Slave'.

There is a musical orgy of Motorhead, Motley Crue and the biker band, Circus Of Power in 'Hell On Wheels', which is strong and powerful and you can almost smell the gasoline, grease and exhaust fumes in the air, which leads nicely on to the screeching tyres and snippet of Dennis Hopper from the movie, Blue Velvet, in 'Sexxxo Strange-O' which is a fast paced sex-fuelled sleazy rock song. Great stuff! 'Nightstalker' is more street-punk in the vein of US Bombs or Left Alone with a hint of Rancid. Whilst 'Cocko De Blocko' features Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz and has the mix of metal and rock that you would expect.

'Point Of Insanity' is another straight up punk-influenced rock song with chugging guitars and slight melodies. Then we have the surprise of Devo's classic 1980's song, 'Whip It' which sounds really good as it's been injected with some real balls. Yes, there are still synthesisers, and the structure of the song remains the same, but in the same way that I think Marilyn Manson has enhanced his covers, most notably Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams', this is like a punk version. It's good stuff! Whip it!

The last two songs of 'The Path Is The Goal' and 'Down & Out' are both punk songs, though the latter is slightly better with a sleazier edge. Then we have a nice tongue in cheek version of their song 'Lot Lizard' sing by Greg 'Da Gooch' Poncier's daughter. There is something just damn funny about a child singing sleazy lyrics whilst the band play in the background. It's a fitting end to a band that rock hard and play hard, but also don't take themselves too seriously!

I asked Greg how the recording went for the album, whereby he replied, "It went pretty smooth. (We) had to replace our drummer half way through. (We) kinda just wrote the songs, played them a few times and went in to record it. It seemed like the punk thing to do. lol. We had Dan Spitz from Anthrax play the guitar solo on Cocko de Blocko, that was pretty cool!" Greg went on to tell me that the band are best described as a punk rock band plain and simple! He says that they do their own bit for global warming, and obviously the sex, drugs and rock'n'roll are the reason's that they got into this business. He also tells me that when his daughter gets old enough they are going to make her the lead singer and kick Crime out!

The band members have all played in other bands, (one of the best former band names are the Mary Tyler Whores!) and this is easy to see as everything happens quite naturally. Already Dirty DNA are causing quite a storm so lock up your daughters and look out! Let's crack some skulls and play some rock'n'roll, folks!