Stepping Into The Light

Whilst the tabloids lap up the latest from James Blunt and radio stations fall over themselves to sing the praises of Paulo Nutini there's one man who has almost got lost in the stampede, a tragedy for those who've overlooked him but somewhat of a cherished secret for those who have discovered a hidden gem. With storytelling to revival Jackanory, Stephen Fretwell expertly takes you into his confidence, relaying tales writing in passion and emotion that instantly charm and latest single, 'Scar' is no exception.

Substituting some of his trademark melancholy for a finger tapping beat, 'Scar' sets a brisk pace as Fretwell's rich vocals marry with the simple strum of a guitar and a steady yet addictive beat that entices throughout the short and sweet track. With each lyric skilfully painting a picture Fretwell is able to create an air of intimacy whilst still managing to inject a feel good factor throughout. Mesmerisingly honest and uncomplicatedly charismatic, 'Scar' is a track to cherish and one that will hopefully see the spotlight fall in Fretwell's direction.