Oh, Lord, I’m lost in Loqui again!

It’s fair to say that Leeds are now producing some great bands, and now boast their own ‘Music Scene’. Having already discovered a fantastic street punk band by the name of Guns On The Roof, I now have the Ska/Punk antics of Loqui, who are a fun packed band of hyperactive brass monkeys. They are a 7-piece band that were born from the ashes of Hull-based band, Vertigo Green in 2004, and after selling out an album last year of Loqui and Vertigo Green tracks, the band will release the new album, ‘All I’m Hearing Is Noise’ later in the year.

If you take elements of Less Than Jake, Jesse James and King Prawn, smash and splash them together into a blender and then add a heavy does of Wheatus’ backing singers, then you may just about understand the music that Loqui produce.

‘The Average White Boy’ starts off with some majestic guitar riffs and blasts of brass, that falls away for a slightly Clash verses Rancid verse that is simple and bouncy, building up to a catchy chorus that has some delicious female harmonies in the background that is the sugar to the rawness to singer Rob’s slightly punk vocals.

Sometimes you get a great song and then a b-side stonker, however with, ‘Round And Round’, we get another great song that mixes The Pixes with a hint of Dancehall Crashers, in a simple structured, but hugely effective mid tempo song that loses non of the bouncing and harmonies of the first song.

Loqui are a great fun band the mix up every type of happy music then surround it with a brass section, that doesn’t necessarily make the band sound Ska, but more a mix between Motown, classic Rhythm & Blues dragged into the contemporary music scene. Refreshing, pretty in-offensive and highly entertaining, Loqui are what music should be all about.