Not Everyone In Canada Wants To Be A Rockstar

Canada, the home of mounties. A country whose perishingly cold winters make our January look like the Bahamas. A place where indie bands seem to be leaping out from every street corner and Nickelback are the hardest indication of rock. That is until now. With a love of everything metal seeping from each raging riff and melodically infectious beats that could flay any classic rock wannabe, Montreal based Priestess are here to prove that not everyone in Canada wants to be Arcade Fire and Chad Kroger sound alikes.

Smoulderingly engaging, ‘Blood’ is like Queens Of The Stone Age meets Dave Grohl with a pinch of Jim Morrison's sleazey sex appeal thrown in for added bite as drummer Vince Nudo takes over vocal duties to mesmerising effect. Rhythmically intoxicating and unbelievably catchy, ‘Blood’ finds the band seductively hypnotising you into their creepy vampire filled world as Nudo’s raspy voice simultaneously caresses and threatens with each word making for a thrilling rush.

'Everything That You Are' signals a return to business as usual as the boisterous classic metal of the band shines through roaring with spiralling riffs and pummelling drums welded to Mike Heppner’s pain fed shrills that hold their own as he shrieks and yells. Yes, Canada might be flooded by indie bands but Priestess is making sure they keep the rock flame raging with life.