Hot Chip- One Pure Thought

Following ‘ready for the floor’ will possibly be the hardest challenge any band will face this year. Contender for best track in a long long while, ‘ready for the floor’ has sent second album ‘Made in the dark’ well on its way to outselling the fantastic first.

One Pure Thought is different to the first single, not half as catchy but still typical intertwining Hot Chip; embossing the airwaves with infectious, intriguing lyrics and upbeat mysterious melodies. I don’t think after the success of the last record, the indie dancers would ever have considered releasing a similar style tune, and with this deeper track, Hot Chip have done nothing but persuade the audience further to purchase made in the dark.

Critically, one pure thought could merely be surpassed as a b-side lacking the musical brilliance of their other releases such as over and over, but almost in its subtly; Hot Chip can endear a new branch of the unsure neutral audience.

Buy the album, it’s a must for the collection. Although not as strong as its predecessor, one pure thought can only add to the appeal of this exciting genre hopping act and their ever impressive second album. A must for the festivals definitely.