Doing Exactly What It Says On The Tin

Exploding out of the speakers with a wall of guitars colliding with a crash of drums, St Louis band, Story Of The Year certainly guarantee their latest single does exactly what it says on the tin.

With a roar of infectious hooks that ensnares indiscriminately, ‘Wake Up’ determinedly insists that before the end of the first chorus that your feet are tapping along as the infectious enthusiasm of the song demands you to sing along. On the surface it’s a track that could be dismissed as radio friendly alt-rock by numbers; catchy, uplifting and with a killer hook ‘Wake Up’ takes no prisoners. But Story Of The Year aren’t a band to brandish any old generic song and ‘Wake Up’ builds upon its catchiness with a wave of socially conscious lyrics that are simply begging for a dose of youthful resistance. Its Lostprophets meets Taking Back Sunday with a little touch of Linkin Park’s oomph and grit thrown in for good measure, making you feel alive and crammed with passionate energy and guaranteeing that your attention is most definitely gained.