Panic1 at the disco- single review.

That green gentleman is the second track taken from latest album “Pretty.odd”. With fans still slightly unaware as to whether the beatles-esque move works for them, another clot is thrown into the bloodstream with this one; a country folk rock track that embraces the start of an era, the beginning of something new. Ironic eh?

The adaptation has been hard for most Panic lovers, obsessing over the band for their intense dance rock debut and jaw dropping when the second hit the stores. A betrayal was on the cards here- turning their back on the faithful who downloaded any demo available and purchased the debut album in their masses. Others have embraced the change, romanticising in the melody, reflecting in the joy. Whatever the outcome, questions have most definitely arisen about the bands direction and stature.

This single is no different, following in the footsteps of ‘nine in the afternoon’, and embracing our ears with a clean, comforting, unique sound. It’s a step away from Fall Out Boy and one in the right direction.

I’ll admit before you ask- I have absolutely no idea what the green gentleman thing is about. However with most Panic stuff, it’s difficult to really know what the titles of their songs ever mean and questioning the importance of song titles in general.

None the less, the groovy riff, Ross’ lyrics and Brenden’s ever faultless vocals provide us with a slice of classic popular music. Dislike if you want, even call them crazy; see if they really give a shit.

A depth in maturity springs to mind, leaving the adolescent teens of the first behind; enabling the band to grow and forget the insecurities of ‘A fever you can’t sweat out’. Things have changed eh boys? Cor blimey. And trust me, it's as catchy as you like.