Whole world’s gone loop da loop!

The new single, ‘The 48A Waiting Steps’ shows The Crimea at one of their most diverse, with classical strings to start with, then an Electro backbeat, and synthesizer melody that loops in the background to a fine mid-tempo song. The background vocals have an echoing choir feel and at times the guitar goes from electric/acoustic to almost Hawaiian Ukulele feel.

I’ll admit that when I first heard the album ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ this was my least favourite song, mainly because it was slightly different, and also as I am not a lover of electro loops. However, that said, after having the album for a year, it is very much like the rest of the band’s songs whereby sometimes that aren’t instantly catchy, however after a few plays the deep and well-constructed song rises from the deep, making you feel quite shallow for not noticing it earlier!

Let’s also not forget that The Crimea are pioneers of giving away their music • I admit a bold, and some might say a financially stupid idea • but they are just short of the 500k download mark that would unofficially give them a Gold Record, so with that said, if you still haven’t got a copy then please rush over to www.crimea.net and download yourself a copy now! It’s also worth mentioning that this magical act of giving away their tunes also earned the band a spot in Q Magazine’s “Top Five Moments That Changed Music History” giving the band exposure and column inches in publications from Hindu Times to Wall Street Journal. Good work, fellas!

The flip side to the single has the video of the song. And this shows the frustrated artist that is Davy MacManus as he gets up out of bed, walks into a puddle, gets knocked down by a car, walks through a graveyard, digs up a guitar in the forest, sings a few lines, smashes up his guitar, walks back out along the side of the canal before someone knocks him in. It’s slightly strange; slightly arty film that you might see on Channel 4; and totally Davy…

The Crimea are starting to play a few more shows again around Blighty after a number of gigs in London, and they are also off to America for the official album release of ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’. Rumours also suggest that they have started work on a new album…