The Unconventional Scientists Plead For Patience

Striding in with an irresistible jaunty beat that oozes feel goodness from every bounce, We Are Scientist’s ‘Impatience’ certainly wastes no time in getting feet tapping. The third single to be taken from their ‘Brain Thrust Mastery’ album, ‘Impatience’ bristles with energy from start to finish as a pounding drum beat propels the track insistently along, building to a contagiously captivating and catchy chorus that demands you are singing along be the end of the first line whilst the vocal harmonies of Chris Cain mingling with Keith Murray’s imploring voice simply adds more punch to the track.

Guaranteeing a foot stomping crescendo from all, ‘Impatience’ is WAS at their riotous, addictive best, immediately grabbing you by the wrists and twirling you towards the dance floor. But there’s a little more to the New York duo nowadays. No longer a mere alt-rock meets punk band fronted by two guys who look like they’ve gotten lost on the way to a maths convention, WAS have grown up and with it their lyrics have matured, giving you something to ponder as you dance insanely to the guitar driven rampage.