Prepare To Get Excited

Exploding with an avalanche of atmospherics that swirl tenderly around you, embracing you into the vibrantly beautiful world of Ra Ra Riot, ‘Ghosts Under The Rocks’ is undeniably breath taking. Perfectly bringing equal measures of sweetness and eeriness to the table, ‘Ghosts Under The Rocks’ bristles with a sense of wonder and sheer compelling beauty as the New York sextet immediately set out to leave you stunned and awed by their mesmerizing sound.

Uplifting and yet harbouring a touch of melancholy that instantly toys with the heart strings, ‘Ghosts Under The Rocks’ finds Ra Ra Riot capturing the heart wrenching emotive sound of Arcade Fire and sprinkling it with a delicious rush of Vampire Weekend-esque indie radiance. With mournful strings constructing a colossal undercurrent throughout the track, adding a sinisterly sombre tone to the track, Wes Miles’ dark lyrics emit a bizarre feeling of optimism, bringing a dash of cheerfulness to the track that swells, threatening to erupt as the band’s vast sound build to its heart pounding climax. Irrefutably amazing, Ra Ra Riot are a band you need to know now.