Well, I’m a Country boy from, Nashville, Tennessee…!

I remember years ago singing the rock anthem of, ‘Go Muthafucker Go’ and had stupidly thought that The Pussy had slithered away, however this is not the case as Nashville Pussy are still hard at it, if you forgive the pun, playing good honest Sleazy Rock’N’Roll. I don’t know if you are familiar with these guys, but basically if you took AC/DC down to Tennessee to party in titty bars for six months, Angus Young grew huge breasts and Brian Johnston swapped his high-pitched vocals for a gravely whisky soaked version, then somewhere along the line (including the other Mr Young dressing as a stripper) Nashville Pussy would emerge!

Of course this used to be the band that 6’3” Corey Parks played in before going off and getting hitched to new band mate Duane Peters (of US Bombs) in the band Die Hunns, and speaking of nuptials, Nashville Pussy’s singer Blaine Cartwright is married to lead guitarist buxom blonde Ruyter Suys, who are then joined by another tall, blonde vixen in new bassist Karen Cuda (the band’s fourth!) and less buxom bearded drummer Jeremy Thompson.

So with this neat little package we have a live DVD packed to the rafters with 19 live songs from their LA gig and a whole bunch of extras, to keep all of you Pussy lovers happy!

From the first lines of the first song you know what you are getting: “What time is it?” screams Blaine. “It’s pussy time!” reply the twin female axe-slingers, as they jump into ‘Pussy Time’. These are fast paced and high octane tracks that are short in time and high in throwaway lines, but fun all the same. ‘Going Down Swinging’ shreds by like a speeding bullet, ‘Piece Of Ass’ is one for the ladies, and the Southern influenced Rock Punk of, ‘She’s Meaner Than My Momma’ is well and truly great y’all. There are other great song titles like, ‘I’m Gonna Hitchhike Down To Cincinnati and Kick The Shit Outta Your Drunk Daddy’, ‘Hell Ain’t What It Used To Be’, ‘Good Night For A Heart Attack’ and ‘The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out, the latter a real great Rock’n’Roll song.

‘Go Muthafucker Go’ has me punching my fist in the air, whilst ‘Nutbush City Limits’ is probably nothing like Ike and Tina Turner thought it would be. Mike Campbell’s ‘She Got The Drugs’ sounds hard and heavy, whilst the fabulous, ‘Shoot First, Run Like Hell’ is faster than a Cheetah on speed. Where some bands sound is poor live, Nashville Pussy keep it strong and close to the records, even if Blaine’s vocals ‘Go Large’ on the gravel at times!

Elsewhere on the DVD we have more live songs, Blaine jamming on the bus, and jamming behind the scenes. We have studio scenes and the band in rehearsals and a great interview by none other than the legendary Lemmy, whereby they remark on drummer Jeremy Thompson’s beard, and they discuss whether it could help with Blaine’s boldness. The band and Lemmy seem to have all had a skin-full so there is ‘no-holds-barred questions and answers.

It’s interesting (and slightly disturbing) seeing Blaine without his signature cap on, as he is bald on top, so when we see them recording and he is missing the trucker cap then I’m a little scared… There are live Radio show interviews and footage of Blaine trying to snog a rather drunk Marianne Faithful, whereby you really feel like you are getting your money’s worth with the extras.

Nashville Pussy bridge the gap between good honest Rock in the music, and Country with lyrics and the soul. Poetically singing about women, drink, and drunk women, they’ll win no Emmy’s, but who cares, where’s the bar at?