The Joy Formidable- Cradle

Imagine having been in a coma for the last three years. Actually - in fact maybe only the last three months and awaking to a fully fledged track on the stereo. Change is an understatement. Forget the boys in jeans too tight for their masculinity; the girls have arrived.

With a band title more oxymoron then your love hate relationship with the postman, The Joy Formidable have embraced the electro un-subtle change in the music industry as of late and provide us with 'Cradle', an energetic, up tempo slice of a beautiful experiment. Critical praise for 'Austere', the track prior to this, will only add to the bands acclaim.

Live sessions for XFM and countless plays on NME Radio only further the acknowledgement of the bands recent success. Think Florence & The Machine or Fan Death and you are pretty much there. Live dates in the next coming months - Southampton last night? Oh shit. Definitely one to watch out for music fanatics and non alike. Carl Barat? Johnny Borrell? Jog on.