Not a Crow In Sight

You know that you’re curious – everybody is. Are The Rasmus actually a fully fledged band or simply another of the bands that sit across a line of pop-rock annoying fans on both sides?

Walking on to a smoke filled stage – The Rasmus are greeted by a barrage of bottles. To be more correct, bottles and cheers. The band launch in to ‘Guilty’ as the second song in their set – seeing the crowd suddenly perk up and response to something that they recognise.

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You can’t fault The Rasmus musically - their songs are catchy, appealing to many and they perform live in a way that only bands who have been together since their early teens can do. There is, however, a problem. They say nothing, they don’t interact with the crowd and they lack the showmanship that so many other bands at The Carling Weekend posses. It’s hard to imagine The Hives leaving the crowd unresponsive in the same way that The Rasmus do.

See them to cure your itch and if you’re a fan you’ll definitely return.

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