Megadeth to Headline

Let's be honest - we're at Download and not V Festival. Giving Download an indie day makes about as much sense as giving Homelands a folk-rock tent headlined by Simon and Garfunkel. To many, Megadeth are tonight's headline act - forget Dinosaur Jr., forget Garbage and forget Feeder. With the grass banks littered with people, the main stage crowded from front to back and with queues all across the site to get to the main stage, there's a feeling that something special is about to happen.

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Megadeth are a band that put out classic song after classic song; a band that deserve the sunset, the lights and the crowd of any festival headliner. The sound techs aren't doing the band any favours but it doesn't stop Megadeth hammering out solo after solo with effortless ease as they justify their following.

The opening of 'Trust' starts as the whole crowd clap together whilst the song rips in to full force. After swaying, clapping and screaming the song ends to cheers that seem to engulf the whole of Donington. As 'Symphony of Destruction' follows there's no doubt that Megadeth have something that Feeder, Garbage and Dinosaur Jr. just don't have - the spirit of rock and metal that has always existed at Donington.

As their set draws to a close with words of thanks from the band, the main stage is officially over for many people.

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