Metal as it Should Be

It's a cold, grey, damp day and Nightwish have vanished into non-existence. As the main stage is left somewhat confused, Mastodon take to the Snickers Stage for their 35 minutes of glory.

Mastodon are exactly what classic metal fans should want from any event at Donington - and that is pure metal mixed with the schizophrenic genius that only great musicians possess. They take to the stage as if they had been on it a hundred times before, confidentially playing to the massive crowd that are hanging on to the band's every word.

As the band tear through their set with deep, bellowing bass lines, hammering drums and classic guitar riffs that support the rumbling yet melodic vocals perfectly, they justify the energy that the crowd is producing.

Mastodon are metal as it is supposed to be - innovative, clever and poignant. You won't want to miss them next time they're in town.