So, Are We Still Waiting For This Band To Improve?

With their first UK set since last year’s Carling Weekend, the blonde highlights have gone and Dave’s Les Paul is missing a pickup. All very interesting but it doesn’t quite explain why the vocals are so painful to listen to.

There is no doubt that Sum 41 have musical ability - as is shown with their Metallica solo – but their own material just doesn’t seem to be working today, nor at any other outdoor events where I have witnessed them. Sum 41 are a very different band when contained within an intimate indoor venue. They do their songs justice. Whether or not you are a fan of Sum 41, they do manage to do their genre well on CD. It just seems that at the main stage of Donnington the only people enjoying this set are the 12 year olds.

This set is another prime example of where a band have no real weak point musically, but simply do not manage to work as a band together when it comes to a main performance. The highlight is certainly when Deryk and Steve swap places for ‘Pain for Pleasure’. It still, however, doesn’t drag the overall performance up to a sufficient level.

The 12 year old fans are excited at least – and I suppose that they have been a good warm up for tonight’s performance by Linkin Park.